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Soaring Sales Amid Snap Lockdown

By Dan Sowden

Even lockdown couldn’t affect the sale of 38 Hinley Avenue Maroochydore, with a highly successful online auction by Ray White Maroochydore agents Natalie Tink & Mitch Sinclair.

The first week of August saw most of South East Queensland begrudgingly join fellow Australian states in yet another COVID-19 snap lockdown. This didn’t dampen the spirit of dynamic Sunshine Coast real estate duo Natalie Tink & Mitch Sinclair however, as the team achieved an impressive sale of $918,000 for Maroochydore property, 38 Hinley Avenue.

Having dealt with lockdown challenges in the past, this team are no strangers to doing the quick pivot from in-person to online auctions.

“Everything happened so fast, and with the strict restrictions we were only left with two options: postpone the auction, or take it online. We decided the week of the auction that we had to go digital. With the number of interested buyers we not only knew that cancelling the auction wasn’t an option, but had faith that our practiced auction team could achieve the same outstanding result online.” Natalie says.

Led by Sunshine Coast Auctioneer Dan Sowden from Ray White Maroochydore, the online auction attracted an incredible number with 18 registered bidders. Natalie attributed some of the online auction success to the comfortable environment that was created for buyers – similar to an online shopping experience that we’re all too familiar with.

“The great thing for a lot of people is that they could bid from their lounge room – some even in their pjs with a cup of coffee! The setting was comfortable and relaxed, leading to more participation and an amazing atmosphere – which was impressive considering it wasn’t in person!” Natalie says.

An amazing atmosphere indeed! With 60 people tuned in online, this auction didn’t follow typical bidding patterns of 2 or 3 top bidders, but saw approximately 10 individuals throwing their hat in the ring at various stages, before reaching a sale price of $918,000 for this desirable Sunshine Coast property.

And it’s no surprise why. A medium-density corner block just a few streets back from the Maroochy river, the property was presented in outstanding original condition. Situated in an established area, Hinley Ave presented an opportunity for local buyers to renovate and live in the home, joining a wonderful community. For interstate buyers looking for an investment property, the proximity to the Maroochydore shops as well as development opportunities, meant that the sale attracted vast and varied buyers.

When discussing buyer enquiries, Natalie explained how their digital campaign assisted in generating such strong interest. In fact, Hinley Ave received the highest engagement that the duo have ever seen from a campaign!

We did a bit of everything for the campaign. We knew that digital was going to be our strongest touch point so we generated high quality images and video which we pushed out through our social media to generate a buzz. Aside from socials, a lot of enquiries also came from and we ended up hosting on average 20-30 groups for inspection each weekend!” Natalie says.

A home that had been in the family for almost 40 years, the sale was quite a special one for this Maroochydore real estate agent team.

“The property was a deceased estate that had been in the family for decades, so seeing the family come together to sell it was a pretty big decision for them, because it had been with them for so long.” Natalie says.

With the family impressed by Natalie and Mitch through another successful sale in the area, they tracked the team down to manage the highly personal family sale. The sale however ended up also being quite personal for the team too, as they speak fondly about the relationships they built.

“We really value all of the relationships we built throughout the campaign. People were really interested in the sale, and even now I still receive texts from interested buyers thanking and congratulating us. The genuine connections we built with the sellers, buyers and interested community was definitely a highlight of the campaign!” Natalie says.

Written by Lauren Smith – Smith Madden Creative Agency

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