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Selling in the New Year? Why You Should Be Thinking December

By Dan Sowden

Nearing the end of each and every year we hit the notoriously busy festive season and most owners tell us that they will make the decision on selling their home next year. What we have learned though is the clever sellers are hitting the go button in December.

So why would you rush to the market while having to contend with Christmas parties, late night shopping and those looming relatives coming to stay?

There are two main reasons to consider:

  1. There will be less sellers in the market in December then January and most certainly less than February. Less sellers in the market means less competition for you in attracting and finding the right buyer for your property.
  2. Buyers are frustrated that they have missed other properties in 2017 and will want to secure their new home before Christmas. It’s amazing the impact the unofficial calendar year makes.

So if you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, they desperately want to secure a home before the year is out and, with a lack of new supply, their choice is quickly running thin.

December can be one of the top selling months of the year within the property industry, and sellers that are ready and aware of this opportunity generally sell at a premium and and in a shorter time frame.

If selling your home is on your Christmas Wish List, then consider coming to the market in December and just maybe the big man in the red suit will fill your christmas stocking with signed contract before the month is out!

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