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Putting your best foot forward!

By Dan Sowden

When applying for a rental property there are a number of things you can do to ensure you put your best foot forward, to assist you in securing the property. With vacancy rates across our 4 offices at an incredible 0.52%, coupled with an ever growing demand for rental properties, you can guarantee that you will be up against other applicants. If you follow these helpful hints below it will give you the best opportunity possible to secure the property that you want!

  1. Fully complete your application- Ensure that you hand in a fully completed application with all the necessary supporting documentation attached, including identification, contact numbers, bank statements, & pay slips. This will ensure that your application is processed far quicker.
  2. Contact all references– It is always important to inform all your references that you have in fact put their details down and to expect a call from the agency. This will fast track the application process if your agency can make quick contact and do not have to wait days for returned calls.
  3. Rental history– If you are currently renting through an agency make sure you pre-empt that they will be asked for a rental reference and insist that they respond in a timely fashion. Our biggest delay in the application process is waiting on rental references from other agencies. Even better provide a written reference from them and rent ledger.
  4. Pet application – We have found it helpful when presenting an application to our investor, that if you have a pet you provide as much information as possible. Details including age, inside or outside, council registered & even a photo of the pet helps. We have developed our own ‘Pet Application’ to help our investors make the right decision to either accept or deny.
  5. Be honest- Last of all it is very important to be completely honest throughout your application. Agencies are very thorough when it comes to processing applications.

When applying for your next rental property be sure to put your best foot forward by following these 5 handy hints. Good luck! To view our current listings or wish to find out more on our agency; visit

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