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Preparing Your Property for a Tenant

By Property Management

So, you’ve secured a tenant and now it is all systems go to get the property ready for them to move in. We thought we would share some of our hot tips to get your property ready for your new tenant!

Getting your property ready for a tenant means there are some upfront costs, however the benefits of ensuring your property is 100% ready to go far outweigh these. Firstly, all of the associated costs are a tax deduction for you. Secondly, your tenant will be happy and a happy tenant means they are more likely to pay their rent on time and maintain your property. Also, you have a responsibility as a landlord to ensure the property is clean and in good repair.

  1. Employ a bond cleaner – Not only do you have to ensure a property is clean for a new tenant to move into, it also sets a level of standard for the tenants and how the property is expected to be returned.
  2. Have your property pest sprayed – A general pest control is the responsibility of the property owner to complete once a year if the tenant requests this. However, if you have the property fumigated before a tenant moves in, they are responsible to have this completed when they move out. Also, if you or the tenant has kept pets the property will require a flea spray too.
  3. Get your carpets professionally cleaned – Not only will having the carpets cleaned add to the overall cleanliness of the home, it will also ensure the lifespan of the carpets is increased. Also, it means tenants from here on out will be responsible for having them cleaned too.
  4. Freshen up your gardens – It is important to set a standard for tenants so they know what is expected of them. Making sure the gardens are tidy, the lawns are mowed and the hedges trimmed means tenants will remain responsible for this throughout their tenancy. Again, it also sets the bar as to how the property should be returned.
  5. Fix up those small jobs – We all have those little odd jobs that need doing but that we have learnt to live with. Although it might have been OK for you, a tenant has an expectation that if they pay their rent on time and maintain the property, you will ensure everything is working.
  6. Redirect your mail – A job often left forgotten. You can set up redirections permanently or for a short period of time, whatever works for you.
  7. Get your keys together – It is important you allow enough keys for your tenants and your Property Manager to be able to access all areas of the home. Each leaseholder needs a front door key but they can share the remaining keys for other doors or windows. They will also need any remotes you have or shed access keys. Your Property Manager just needs to be able to get into the house and shed.
  8. Make everything compliant – It is vital for everyone’s safety and also for your insurance that you have everything in order. If you have a pool, it will require a compliant fence and certificate. Your smoke alarms will require testing and new batteries. If your windows have corded window coverings, you will need to ensure they comply with legislation too.

Understandably, every property differs from one to the next, so if you are wondering what would be required for your property, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team and we can point you in the right direction.

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