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Nique Stewart

By Dan Sowden

Enjoying a successful sporting career playing Basketball but reaching the end of his playing life, Nique Stewart contemplated his next move.

Coaching jobs were on the table as a next logical step but as Nique thought about it, he felt ready for a fresh start and to branch out into a new field.

Looking around, Nique (who always felt good working with people) applied for and was hired as a Sales Person – working on commission only.

Working in a commission only environment had its ups and downs and, as with every job, Nique was exposed to different management styles and training along with motivational seminars and personal development programs.

As Nique worked through the daily grind, he started to apply and develop his own success factors. Nique realised that many of the lessons that he had learnt and applied to become a professional athlete had a bigger relevance in the sales world (and in life) than perhaps people were giving them credit for.

Speaking to friends and associates about their experiences, Nique confirmed his suspicion – the existing and accepted “models of motivation” were leaving something out.

With this though in mind, Nique devoted himself to studying the theory and practice of motivation to with one goal – to develop his own model and become the best in the field.

He continued to work in sales position from commission sales to direct marketing. He drew on his own experience plus access to other sporting and entertainment figures as well as successful business people.

Through his research, and a rigours process of real world testing, Nique developed the principles and actions which now make up Nique Stewart’s model of motivation and success;

  • Nique Stewart’s Principles of Success
  • Nique Stewart’s Psychological Strategies of Achievement
  • Nique Stewart’s Daily Method of Operation

Over the past 10 years, Nique has founded Nique Stewart Coaching and has continued to develop programs and events to help people and organisations to identify and achieve massive success in all areas of their lives.

Through Events, Programs, CD’s and DVDs and the “Success Factor” television series which aired on Foxtel, the influence of Nique Stewart now spans;

  • People – People from all walks of life looking to; achieve work life balance, lose weight, be happier in their relationships, start a small business, change careers or achieve fitness and sporting goals
  • Businesses – Every industry, local and international, and every role from; Admin Staff to Sales Teams to CEO’s
  • Sporting – Teams, coaches and individual athletes from codes and sports such as AFL, NRL, Tennis, Swimming and Athletics
  • Entertainment – Artists, Actors, Producers, Writers, Studios, Labels and Management

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