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By Dan Sowden

AUCTIONS … whether you’re a seller, a buyer or a neighbour, we’ve all had some experience with this method of sale.

Never more so than during the past year on the Sunshine Coast has auction become a popular choice to achieve a sale within a timeframe.

It is a true gauge of the property market today. Not last week or next year.

It is important to remember that auction is a process, not just the 20 to 30 minutes of activity on auction day that takes place on the front lawn of the house down the street. The campaign begins some time earlier.

The property has been readied, the agent selected, the auctioneer booked and signage, copywriting and photography have all taken place so as to be ready for that first exposure to the bevy of buyers.

In many ways it is now that the real work begins. It is about condensing all factors into place with one goal in mind.

While just the process of selling the family home can be an emotional time, auction brings it all to the forefront – an emotional mine field.

It is about bringing buyers and sellers together for a few critical moments which can be seized upon – or the moment may be gone.

The agent is there to guide both parties to a win-win situation.

A positive result, one of great excitement, the removalist can be booked and the house warming invites sent out.

It may be for this reason we don’t see sale by private treaty promoted as the next TV series and yet many auction programs have been popular. Auction sees results, it is thrilling, each and every one has a story and generally the opportunity is there for the taking – a sale.

Of course the actual signing of the contract may not be under the hammer for all to see and applaud.

A sale prior to auction is still a sale as is the one immediately after or within the next couple of weeks.

Regardless, the outcome is due to the auction process.

The method has done its job – bought all parties to the table in agreement on price and condition within a reasonable period of time.

Already we can see a hint of what is to come for the year ahead with many agencies geared up with full auction programs. Over the years Dimity Hendy has shared her stories and experiences of auctions as a respected journalist with Domain.

She has fostered the auction method in a fair way and encouraged the process for all, from sellers and buyers to agents.

Dimity’s reporting began at a time when there were few auctions on the coast and many including some agents were sceptical about its merits.

In today’s market if you are serious about selling this is a process which must be considered as a means of achieving that goal, a sale.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Dimity’s pages have always been informative but importantly also very entertaining.

I wish Dimity and her husband Peter all the best in the next chapter of their lives and am particularly thankful to the genuine kindness and friendship Dimity has shown on a personal level.

I feel very fortunate to take on this role and wholeheartedly believe in the auction process.

Always being involved in some manner within the real estate industry I have early memories of pencilling for my father whilst he auctioned properties on the Downs and the hinterland.

Real estate is a career which has been good to me, from the front desk to literally signing contracts on the car bonnet.

I have seen the paperwork go from two pages to small volumes. I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with many who have become firm friends and a part of my life.

It seems 2011 is gearing up to be a bumper year for auctions on the Sunshine Coast.

One thing is for certain, it will be interesting. Who knows where the market will take us this year. Oh for a crystal ball!

Source: The Sunshine Coast Daily | Sue Custance

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