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Investors: Benefits of Renting to Pet Owners

By Property Management

Property managers can find themselves discussing with landlords whether they should allow pets.

We might be a bit biased (we love animals big and small) but we’re here to give you guidance on how renting to pet owners can be a good thing.

The pros to consider when allowing a tenant to have a pet is it can be a huge incentive for potential tenants and help secure long-term tenants. You may be surprised at just how many renters have pets! According to research by the Animal Health Alliance, pets outnumber people in Australia with 63% of Australian households owning pets.

It’s common to picture the worst case scenario: mess, noise and unwanted smells, but some pets will hardly make their presence known. Most pet owners are responsible and by screening potential tenants we can quickly weed out the bad ones.

As a landlord you can set rules to ensure tenants (and their furry friends) don’t overstep boundaries. Our General Tenancy Agreement – Form 18a includes a number of special terms and conditions relating to keeping a pet to ensure the tenants know their responsibility.There are options such as limiting the number of animals per dwelling and ensuring pets on the property are registered. Our routine property inspections are also in place to pick up on any maintenance issues early on and are designed to ensure your property is kept in top condition.

It’s important to keep in mind that the majority of people have a pet. By being a little more flexible you might secure a fantastic tenant, which in turn can lead to continued tenancy renewals and long term security for your rental revenue.

When renting your property it’s important to remember the tenant/landlord relationship is one of give and take. It’s also advised to stay flexible as a property owner to ensure you don’t miss out on good tenants when they come along.

Even if you may not be a cat or a dog person yourself, next time you’re having trouble finding tenants consider going pro-pet to give you a competitive advantage over other landlords.

Talk to us today about finding the perfect tenants for your property and achieving the maximum return from yours.

Reference: Pet Ownership in Australia Summary, Animal Health Alliance (2013)

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