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Interstate Migration to the Sunshine Coast Affecting Property Prices

Interstate migration is a hot topic, particularly as we see house prices becoming out of reach for the majority of people in some major Australian cities. There is no denying this new wave of development and infrastructure has made the Sunshine Coast an attractive draw card for those looking to make the move. Official figures have been released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, showing that over the 2015/2016 financial year the net arrival to the Sunshine Coast was among the highest in the country, with 6,200 people moving to our little slice of paradise. This number is the highest on record to date.

It is also interesting to note that of the top 25 regions for migration growth in Australia, 13 were located in areas either adjacent or close to capital cities, but where there was a mix of sea change and tree change locations. This fully supports the strong price rises being recorded across many parts of Australia’s coastal and hinterland regions, and of course especially in close proximity to a capital city. Conversely, it is interesting to note that the areas of Australia that are seeing the strongest migration away from them are generally within our 5 major capital cities and predominantly because of the high cost of living in those areas.

All of these solid statistics only further solidify that with the huge growth surge and robust infrastructure plan currently underway on the Sunshine Coast, many have earmarked our part of the world as a fantastic place to call home. This belief is a strong endorsement for our area, and a positive for the future of the Sunshine Coast.

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