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Curb Appeal Your Home

By Dan Sowden

 When thinking of selling your home it is important to have optimum curb appeal. Even if you are not selling it, it is always nice to have your home look neat and tidy. Sprucing up does not always mean emptying out ones wallet, it can be done on the cheap doing the work yourself of course. It will add dollars to the value of your home and make for a nice place to live.

 First start with maintaining the outside, it is imperative to keep your home clean so that dirt and grime doesn’t accumulate and be problematic in years to come. Take a walk around the house and remove any cobwebs or debris that may be around.

 Now think about either power washing your home or getting a long handle brush and doing it yourself. Make sure to clean the shutters as well. It will make such a difference in the appearance of your home.

 Look at the flowerbeds surrounding the home. If they are sparse in parts of the landscape maybe it is time to consider adding some new inexpensive shrubs. Check with your local nursery to get some suggestions of what might be good for you to plant. It is a good idea to bring a snapshot along with you when you go. When the planting is complete now is the time to add mulch, rocks or pine needles, etc.

 You may have benches or outside furniture that would be appropriate for the front of the home. Think as if you were driving thru a potential neighborhood to buy your new home and how inviting it would look if a bench was strategically placed under a tree or rockers under the front porch. Make sure the furniture is in optimum condition if it will be displayed out front.

 Another matter to consider is your window treatments and although they are inside they will be seen from the outside. If they are in need of repair in any way it is important that it be done to maintain optimum curb appeal. Window coverings should be a neutral color from the outside and it always looks nicer when the shades are all pulled to the same length. Also very important to clean the windows will just make everything sparkle.

 So just use common sense when it comes to creating curb appeal. Drive around neighborhoods and see what appeals to yourself and acquire inspiration from other yards. You will start to love the home your house has become.

 By Ken Lutz

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