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7 ways to reposition your home to sell without dropping the price

By Amber Madden

Our latest Market Report shows us that on average its taking a little longer to sell your home on the Sunshine Coast (from 65 days to now over 90 days). With time frames increasing, buyers today have more properties to choose from than ever. As marketing agents we are constantly asked for ways to represent a seller’s property after it has already been on the market unsuccessfully for sometime.

Here are our top 7 tips on how to reposition your home and get it sold… without dropping the price:

  1. Target Market

Have you stopped to consider your target buyer for your property? Have you thought about what their needs are, what they like and perhaps even what they may not like about your property?  If you consider ‘who’ your buyer may be, then the chances are you will do a better job of presenting your home and placing powerful marketing in the right areas.

2. Property Images

In 9 out of 10 cases; the properties images either misrepresent the property or does not adequately represent the true opportunity. Images are more important than ever, especially with the rise of digital media which is photo rich. Consider either rotating your images to show another ‘hero shot’ or even have a new photographer attend the property to re-shoot at dusk to give a different look.

3. Words Matter

Take the time to read the advertising copy for your property. Does it tell a story that will engage the right type of buyer? Does it motivate them to enquire? Or is it bland, boring and unimpressive? International brands spend millions of dollars every year to carefully craft their marketing message. Make sure you take an interest in your advertising headline and copy, the buyer will.

4. Property Styling

Once something that was left to the multi-million dollar homes only, property styling can be a simple and cost effective way of understanding how to highlight the strong selling features of your home. Simple decluttering is one thing, but property styling is another. It really can make tens of thousands of dollars difference.

5. Method

There are additional selling methods available to you that do not include reducing or displaying an advertised price of the property. Sometimes a change of price strategy is enough to solicit an immediate response from a buyer who has been ‘watching’ your property.

6. New Agent

In most markets, it is the agent that makes the difference between selling or not. That is the reason why some agents are successful while others leave the industry. Ensure that your agent still holds energy for you and your property. They are your ambassador in the market and need to provide confidence to the buyer that they are making the right decision on your property, your market and your region. If you have any doubt, consider a change.

7. Marketing Position

Every property is different and depending on your target market, your buyers will be more or less likely to look at different marketing mediums. Although digital media is popular, simply placing your property on the internet does not always mean it will be found. Put yourself in the buyer’s position. If you were looking for a property like yours, where would you look and would you find it? Chances are that if you can’t find it then neither can the buyers!

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