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The Great Debate – Short Term vs Long Term Rental

Investing in property on the picturesque Sunshine Coast is a dream for many, but as property owners contemplate the rental strategy for their investments, a critical decision emerges: short-term or long-term rental. 

In this article, we’ll explore the differences between these two options and shed light on the changing landscape of short-term rentals on the Sunshine Coast.

Opting for long-term rental of your investment property can offer several benefits, making it a preferred choice for many property owners. Here are some key advantages:

Stable and Predictable Income:

      • One of the primary benefits of long-term rentals is the stability and predictability of income. With a signed lease agreement, you have a fixed rental amount that you can rely on for the duration of the lease.

Reduced Vacancy Risk:

      • Long-term rentals typically have lower vacancy rates compared to short-term rentals. With tenants signing leases for extended periods, property owners can minimize the risk of having periods of no rental income. Most properties will have an average of 1-2 weeks vacancy per annum. 

Lower Turnover Costs & Utility Charges:

      • Long-term tenants often result in reduced turnover costs. Finding and vetting new tenants, along with the associated cleaning and maintenance between short-term guests, can be time-consuming and costly. Long-term rentals, on the other hand, involve less frequent turnover.
      • The ability to pass on utility charges to tenants. Unlike short-term rentals where owners often cover these expenses, long-term leases enable property owners to transfer utility costs to tenants, alleviating the financial burden on the property owner.

Less Operational Involvement:

      • Managing a long-term rental generally requires less day-to-day involvement compared to short-term rentals. Once a reliable tenant is in place, property owners can enjoy a more passive income stream with fewer operational demands.

Consistent Property Condition & Tenant Selection:

      • Opting for long-term tenants, it gives property owners the ability to carefully select tenants.
      • Long-term tenants are more likely to treat the property as their own, fostering a sense of responsibility and care. This can result in less wear and tear on the property compared to the higher turnover associated with short-term rentals.

Easier Property Management:

      • Long-term rentals often involve fewer management tasks. While periodic inspections are advisable, the frequency is lower than the regular turnover associated with short-term rentals. This can lead to a more straightforward property management experience.

Increased Rates on Holiday Rentals:

  • Recent developments on the Sunshine Coast indicate a crackdown by the local council on short-term holiday rentals. The Sunshine Coast Council, in consultation with short-term holiday rental data specialists, is taking measures to regulate and increase rates for this accommodation sector. Non-complying or unlawful holiday rentals are being closely monitored.

Fewer Regulatory Challenges:

  • Short-term rentals, especially in popular tourist destinations, can face regulatory challenges and restrictions. Property owners considering short-term rentals must navigate complex compliance requirements, with factors such as location, zoning, and individual property specifications playing a crucial role. Long-term rentals are typically subject to fewer regulatory hurdles, providing a more straightforward and stable legal environment.
  • The Sunshine Coast Council advises property owners to contact the Development Department directly for a definitive answer before setting up a property for short-term letting.

Ray White Maroochydore has observed a trend where several short-term holiday rentals in Maroochydore and Alexandra Headland are transitioning into the long-term permanent rental market. These properties, known for their quality and upkeep, are capitalizing on the high demand for permanent rentals, resulting in attractive rental yields.

Property owners grappling with council permits, guest services, and property maintenance are encouraged to consult local property management experts. Ray White Maroochydore offers insights into the current long-term rental market, helping property owners understand rental prices and make informed decisions.

Hiring a property manager can be a strategic move for property owners, ensuring that their investment remains a consistent income-generator. Property managers can handle tenant relationships, property maintenance, and compliance, allowing property owners to entrust their valuable asset to experienced hands.