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Preparing Your Home For Sale

Presentation of your home for sale can certainly add 10’s of $1000 of dollars to the end result. In a competitive market, standing out will both assist in the saleability and price you will achieve for your property.
Below are a number of tips for presenting your home to the market.

Paints & Carpets

Transform your home’s aesthetic without breaking the bank by focusing on paint and carpets. These elements cover the most square footage in your home, offering a high visual impact. A simple carpet shampoo can rejuvenate its look, while a fresh coat of paint brightens up the space. Together with a touch of styling, these changes can make costly kitchen and bathroom renovations less critical to potential buyers.


First impressions matter. Keep your lawn neatly trimmed and your garden well-organised to captivate prospective buyers from the get-go.


Refresh your walls by removing any grubby hand marks. This minor touch-up can significantly enhance your home’s overall appeal.


Ensure your gutters are clean and free from debris. Buyers often notice these small details, so eliminate any peeling paint or water stains. While you’re at it, sweep away any cobwebs under the eaves.


Let the light in. Keep your windows open and your blinds and curtains drawn back. A thorough window cleaning will maximise brightness and make rooms more inviting.

Kitchen & Laundry

Pay special attention to your kitchen and laundry areas. A sparkling oven, polished sink, and clean cupboards can make a world of difference.


We’ll guide you on the optimal placement and dimensions for your Ray White Stockboard to maximize its impact.

Lastly, in the market right now time is important. If you are planning to renovate then sell, consider the time it will take to complete the works and then consider where the property market might be in the future.

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