Paying Your Rent

It’s important that paying your rent is just like paying any other type of bill. Many people do not realise that your rental history will support your credit rating.  Therefore it’s important you are aware of the payment options and what is required.

We provide you with 2 options for the payment of rent, both are electronic forms of payment as we are strictly a cashless office. These options include BPay (no fees) or through the DEFT Payment System (credit card, automatic recurring payment, phone or internet transfer), its your choice as to which option you prefer.

If you have forgotten the BPay biller code or your personal reference number please email our  property management department on

Under the Residential Tenancies Act you are required to pay your rent by the date noted on the schedule in your lease and it must always be paid in advance. Should you have any difficulties in paying your rent please notify us as soon as possible.

Ray White Maroochydore have a ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Rent Arrears, this is a strict policy on the payment and collection of rent. Should you fall behind for any reason the below timeline provides you with a list of repercussions.

CategoryTime elapsed    Reminder notice
Category 1 arrears1 to 3 days in arrearsText message, email or phone call
Category 2 arrears4 to 7 days in arrearsPhone call and letter
Category 3 arrears8 to 14 days in arrearsNotice to Remedy Breach
Category 4 arrears17 days in arrearsNotice to Leave (after 2nd Notice to Remedy Breach)