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Tips to Secure a Rental

By Property Management

At Ray White Maroochydore we understand the frustration of trying to find a rental property, so here are some tips that might help you get ahead. It’s simply about being proactive!

Before You Inspect

  • Multiple times per day have a look at each agencies website to view their listings or check out and
  • Once you have had a look at what properties are available and find one you are interested in, obtain a rental application from the agency. Applications are usually downloadable from their website directly.
  • Collate relevant documents that are required to accompany your rental application to save time when it comes to submitting it. Copies of items such as payslips, drivers licence, passport, birth certificate and bank statements are required upon application. If agencies ask for your passport or drivers licence why not provide us with both? It’ll save us time asking you for them and give us extra information. You won’t be overwhelming us; you’ll be helping us by having the right documentation. 
  • Collect reference letters from past employers and landlords to attach to your application form. Make sure you let your rental, work and personal references know to expect a phone call. If you’re relocating due to work or starting a new job make sure you have a letter of employment from your new employer and if you are seeking employment please inform the real estate of this on your application. 
  • Optional: create a short cover letter for your application providing background information about your current situation and why you should be considered by the agency/landlord. 
  • Get your housemates into gear and make sure their applications are ready to be submitted with all supporting documents. 
  • Golden tip: Pre-fill out your Application Form, download it, print it and take it with you to the inspection. Filling out applications can be timely however, trust us you’ll be miles in front of everyone else attending the inspection. They’ll be collecting application forms making you more prepared. Once the agency receives your application they can start processing it for possible pre-approval. Please ensure you are prepared to pay bond for the property which is usually four weeks worth of rent. 

Booking and Attending Inspections

  • When you find a property you are interested in, organise an inspection as soon as you can by checking for online bookings or contacting the agency directly.
  • Make note of the inspection time, be presentable and make sure you arrive early as some inspection times are short. Don’t be deterred when you arrive at inspections and there are a number of people there to view it. Each of their individual situations might be different to yours and they may not find the property suitable to their needs. 

Post Inspections/Application Submission

  • Once you have viewed the property, decided you are in love with it and if you are in the position to do so, consider offering more money for rent. An extra $10 or $20 might just help you secure a rental.
  • Contact the agency within a few days if you haven’t heard from them. Remember they need time to process your application and contact your references.
  • Keep your options opens and make sure you have multiple properties you can apply for as a back up. 

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