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The People Behind The Brand | Sue Fisher

Your Role?

Relationship Manager in our Property Management Department

How did you get into real estate/ What attracted you to a career in real estate?

I am a people person and a problem solver. I am also a communicator. Real estate, particularly property management, is an area that requires skillful negotiation and communication in all areas. I also see Real Estate as a vibrant, ever changing environment, which will always present new challenges and opportunities.

What do you believe is the secret to success?

Great Communication. This is not only with clients, but with all stakeholders. Keeping everyone informed of the processes, provides a better opportunity for everyone involved to reach the desired outcome.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Ray White brand? In short, why Ray White.

It means a lot to me to be part of such a large, family based business that began in Queensland. My work ethic is one that is based on loyalty and respect for the organisation I work for, and this is something that the Ray White brand appreciates and responds to. This is something that I feel Ray White returns to it’s employees with their training and support.

What is your current real estate market like?

The current real estate market for Property Management, is constantly changing but consistently busy.

What are the challenges of working in this industry?

The challenges of working in Property Management are constantly changing and ever present. Basically, it comes down to the art of communication and negotiation when navigating clients, owners and tradespeople through the tasks and issues we are faced with on a daily basis. The challenge is to have everyone understanding the situation fully and ensuring we are all on the same page. This is done by using the right channels of communication, for different stakeholders.

What advice would you give to others starting in the industry?

To be patient and open. There is so much information to be absorbed, it cannot be learnt in a day. Time and experience are the best tools for learning.

What is it like to work on the Sunshine Coast?

The best place in the world. The opportunity to be a part of a growing tourist and residential community is something I constantly find myself being grateful for. On any given day, we are in the most beautiful locations, simply doing out job.

What do you like to do outside of real estate/in your spare time?

My spare time is spent enjoying the coast. Beach walks, bike riding and generally soaking up the opportunities of being so close to the water. Travel, Family, Photography, reading, music and friends are my favorite things to do in my down time.

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