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The People Behind The Brand | Dan Sowden

Your Role?

Director & Auctioneer

How did you get into real estate/ What attracted you to a career in real estate?

Real Estate was always part of our family discussion at the dinner table. Some of my earliest memories as a 4 or 5 year old would be heading out with Dad on a Saturday morning to mow the lawns and collect the rents from a block of flats in Brisbane that my parents owned. Dad normally did all the work at that time as I was an aspiring soccer player kicking the ball up against the block walls. Since then things evolved and over the years where property and investment was something we always talked about. Later in life I remember being initially attracted to real estate because of the fact that you were in essence working for yourself and that your potential was uncapped. I liked the idea of being able to work as hard as you can to achieve and control to somewhat your own success.

What do you believe is the secret to success?

Success in Real Estate I think can come down to two parts. The first is reminding yourself that we are in the people business. We understand that when buying or selling a home; there can be a lot of emotions involved and that a high level of understanding is required. Secondly you are in control of your own success, the harder you work the luckier you get. Nothing will come to you so your best to get off our backside and make it happen.

What is your current real estate market like?

Our Sunshine Coast Property Market is enjoying a really strong period on the back of some outstanding major infrastructure investments that are occurring. We have in some ways missed out over the years on some of the property growth that other areas of the country have enjoyed, however right now its a wonderfull time to be on the Sunshine Coast and our future here looks really strong.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Ray White brand? In short, why Ray White.

Ray White and the White Family invest in their people to a level that is beyond imagination. There is no one answer to what it takes to becoming the largest Real Estate company in Australasia, however what I know is that the White Family is obsessed with providing us with the necessary tools, skills and leadership to maintain our market position. I can’t think of a single reason Why we would you be anywhere else.

What are the challenges of working in this industry?

The expectations of our customers are always rising. Our challenge is to stay in front of this expectation so that we can continue to deliver outstanding service.

What advice would you give to others starting in the industry?

If you have the drive, energy and the conviction to make Real Estate a success for you then the only thing that can stop you will be yourself.

What is it like to work on the Sunshine Coast?

I think I’m so lucky to call the Sunshine Coast home. We have everything we need to build a great life and enjoy a tremendous lifestyle at the same time.

What do you like to do outside of real estate/in your spare time?

We do work longer then average hours so in the time away from the office it is definitely spent without the phone close by and normally surfing and spending time with the family

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