Please see below for what investors and tenants, alike, are saying about the level of service we provide.

Debbie & Charlie Romano; Tenants
Hi Ashleigh, I just wanted to thank you with all my heart, I had a call from Heidi this evening and we have been approved for the property. We are very relieved and are so blown away by the way everyone at Ray White Maroochydore has helped us. You are all amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rode & Kev; Investor
Hello Danielle, Thank you so much for your help through these last few months. You have proven yourself to be the prefect person to help us out with our investments. Hope to continue our working relationship with you. Thanking you.
Blanche Tsetong; Investor
We are currently very happy with your management team’s service. I was especially happy with the detail and quality of their routine inspection report. Please pass on our thanks to your team.

Carol & Michael, Tenants
Please thank the owners on our behalf for being so considerate. We are really going to miss you all, Ray White Maroochydore do a good job of hand picking nice staff. Thank you for looking after us, we have really enjoyed our time in this lovely home, and I think we will miss the Sunshine Coast, it has been our home for 33 years, it’s a funny feeling, to up and go. However it will be nice to live a little closer to our grand children and little great granddaughter. So until we pop in to see you, have a great day.

J Clohesy; Tenant
Our experience with Ray White Maroochydore haw been wonderful and stress free and all your team have been a delight to deal with. When I go to buy in the future, your sales office will be our first stop.

J Robinson; Tenant
Lyndon has been very thorough during routine inspections and always  respond to maintenance requests exceptionally fast. Ray White Maroochydore is an excellent real estate agency to rent through and I would highly recommend them.

W M Hall; Investor
Lyndon and the team at Ray White Maroochydore provide exceptional service in looking after my investment property at Alexandra Headland. No problem is too small for him and his integrity is beyond reproach. He always does what he says he is going to do and his routine inspection reports are of the highest quality with detailed commentary and photographs. I have no hesitation in recommending Lyndon and the team at Ray White Maroochydore and wish him every success in the future.

Brad & Indi, Tenants
Hey Lyndon just wanted to say a big thank you very much for your help in resolving the maintenance issues at our rental property. Ashleigh contacted us within the week and has organised tradesmen to make the repairs asap. Thanks again

T Hulme; Investor
Hi Denise, thanks for sending this through. Yes, we are pleased we sold… looking forward to our next challenge! Thanks for all your help and assistance over the years.

A Neilan & B Parker; Tenant
Thank you for your assistance!  We have had a great experience with Ray White and if we move back to the Sunshine Coast later down the track we will definitely be heading down to Ray White Maroochydore!

W Lee; Investor
I would like to say a big thanks to Lyndon Page from Ray White Maroochydore, for the past 2 plus years I have found Lyndon to be very professional in conducting of all routine inspections on my investment property. Lyndon will always call me after every inspection, which is great and he  is happy to chat about any maintenance issues that arise, or any upgrades that my investment property may need. Also Lyndon will openly discuss with me how the tenant is treating the property, whether good or bad.

Lyndon and Ray White Maroochydore have a great follow up process on keeping track of the tenants when the property has not been treated well. This happened recently, the follow up from Lyndon was terrific via phone calls to me to discuss how the tenants had let the property go. Lyndon explained to me how he was going about to get the property back to its original state, which it now is.

Lyndon is truly a asset to Ray White Maroochydore through his communication and professionalism which stands him out from the rest. It’s good to know I can rely on Lyndon and Ray White Maroochydore to look after my investment property as I’m so far away. Keep up the great work Lyndon.

D & M Hulsman; Tenant
Just a bit of feedback, you guys are streaks ahead of your competitors in showing properties and getting information through to prospective tenants. Thanks for all your help.

H Nell; Investor
Charles and I are very happy that you are looking after our property so diligently, thank you.

R Weatherlake; Investor 

Hi Denise Rowe, we would like to say again how much we appreciated your support. Your advice and common sense approach all the time were invaluable. We have never forgotten that and are always singing your praises.

B. Hamilton; Member of the Public Dan, I just wanted to compliment you on one of your staff members, Alex Sue-See. We have been looking for a rental property since November and none of the other real estates were being very helpful at all and one in particular losing our application and not processing it etc.  Alex was the only property manager that actually made us feel like our application was being looked after properly, replied to my million emails very quickly and even assisted in sending us other available properties. He was even able to retrieve my application from another agency.  I just wanted to say working with Alex was one of the much more positive experiences we have had with real estate agencies!!

D & L Parry; Investor
Merry Christmas to all the staff at Ray White Maroochydore. Thank you for the excellent service and pleasant handling of our property. We are so pleased everything is working out so well with you. Thank you so much also for taking our friend to the house and showing her around. I do appreciate the time you took to do that. Janet said our house looks lovely and is well kept.
G Eagan; Investor
Thanks Rebecca for all that you have done for us whilst being our relationship manager, you are the first that I actually felt had looked after our interest. I wish you and your family a lovely Christmas and prosperous 2014.
K Camden; Investor
Hi Ashleigh, Thank you for being so on top of our property management. There is no doubt in my mind that it was your’s and Jess’s professionalism & tenacity which secured this tenant for our property.
You have proved several times now that you not only have any issue that may arise at hand and are acting on it, but also following up to ensure its satisfactory completion. We are also thrilled with the current rent achieved…. for us this is a 30% return on our investment for the mini makeover carried out at the property. You are certainly an asset to Ray White Maroochydore and indeed to our Property Portfolio. Please don’t be going anywhere any time soon!
S Dykes; Member of the Public
Having recently purchased a house in Mountain creek, one of my first projects was to install new boundary fences as the current fences were asbestos. Being informed that a neighbours property was owned by Department of  Main Roads and rented out to tenants this led me to Ray White Maroochydore.
Right from the start Kate’s professionalism and involvement in liaising with all parties involved went above and beyond my expectations. Never was it a issue to ring and my emails were answered  promptly with indicative information. I believe my fences were up in half the time because of Kate’s efforts.
On another issue a neighbouring property also owned by Main Roads had a damaged jetty walkway which was being removed and made redundant, after approaching Kate on ways I could purchase the jetty off  Main Roads, her efforts from the start ensured I had purchased the jetty within days. It was I believe over and above Kate’s  role as the real estate agent, but I believe her diligence in this role helped me immensely.
D & C Carroll; Tenants Another thing I would like say is that I’m so grateful for the quick and professional response from you regarding anything to do with this property. You have gone above and beyond for us, and brilliant communication skills on your behalf, and both my husband and I are very thankful. Dan and Mitch are lucky to have you as a part their team.
Zane Woods; Woods Plumbing; Contractor Thank you for the work you have given us to date. It has been a great experience and we have enjoyed working with Ray white and the staff at the Maroochydore office. Kate, you and the girls have been great.
Don Joiner & Peter Cheasley; Investors
Dear Mr Sowden, I write to thank you following the inspection of our house last Friday by your Inspections Officer Mr Lyndon Page. Lyndon was very polite and helpful and following his inspection on the Monday morning I had calls from both the Electrician and Plumber to deal with our problems. Today being Tuesday, both the tradesmen have been and everything fixed, truly remarkable and very appreciated.

I must say it is always a pleasure to deal with your staff from the very capable and helpful receptionist to the other staff you employ, you have a great and caring team.Thank you so much.

Darryl Olson; Investor Awesome service, thanks Ashleigh. Thanks again for everything.

Patricia Lumbar; Tenant Ashleigh, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have sorted for us in the last few weeks. Thought it would be nice to pass on, as I’m sure property managers only tend to hear negative feedback most of the time. You are far more superior than any previous property manager I have had before, and in your short time you were quick to get everything done. THANK YOU once again, you are amazing at your job and keep up the great work.

Emma Brooke; Investor Thank you very much for this information and informative email regarding the Ray White staff.  Thank you for all your help and support. The Ray White team are wonderful to work with. Thank you again for your proficiency.

M Landicho; Tenant It has been wonderful renting through Ray White Maroochydore and we will definitely recommend to others.

Donald Hunt; Investor Well done Kate  and thank you so much. We really appreciate the service and what you have done.

T McSwann; Tenant If you have the opportunity please forward Kelly’s and my sincere thanks to the owner for their immediate and tenant focussed approach to the repairs. Again, we are delighted with the property and our owner / agent / tenant experience has been exceptional. Please feel free to use my details for reference on your team about how your great service always results in great client outcomes. Very impressive service.

J Willis; Investor Many thanks for the years of great service your team has provided to Kaille and I. A very professional service, with maximum occupancy and only very few occasions was the apartment vacant.

J & M Flahrety;Investor Thanks Ray White Maroochydore property management team. Appreciate all your hard work and assistance.

Jan Kakoschke; Investor  Thank you to the diligent Ray White Rental team for a quality job in tenanting my house.

Philip Storey; Investor Thanks again Ray White Maroochydore for all your great work in managing my properties.

Lesley Yates; Investor We truly appreciate your attention to detail. Our tenants certainly look after our unit and presentation is excellent.

T McSwann; Tenant Hi, just a quick note to let you know how outstanding your response to my email has been. Today the garage door maintenance man was at our rental house. On Monday we have power points, blinds, oven/range-hood and toilets all being repaired or looked at.  Huge Thanks!

M Bambino; Investor Ashleigh, it was lovely talking with you on the phone and I felt reassured that you would address the situation and deal with it accordingly. I am happy to be guided by you because you have the expertise and the excellent communication skills.

P Prosser; Investor I just wanted to inform you of the outstanding service that Kate Wison has provided us recently. We could not be happier with her efforts and level of professionalism

Pauline Lenuzza; Tenant  I have dealt with a lot of real estates and real estate agents in the last 15 years, and I have found them frustrating and unable to explain topics or issues I may have as a tenant and then Lyndon Page became our routines inspection officer. Lyndon has always kept us up to date with everything that may be happening with the property we rent, any issues or fix ups that need doing are done usually within a week. Lyndon has no problems explaining issues or topics we may have in plain English and no question is too silly to ask or enquire about, he is punctual and also gets to know you and your family. If I ever wanted someone in particular to look after my property and my interests I would be choosing Lyndon Page and recommend you do to.

Keith Johnston; Investor Thanks Ashleigh you have done a good job with unit 307. I cannot fault you. Keep up the good work!

Elesha, Evelyn & Oliviah MacDonald; Tenants I am a single working mother of 2 beautiful little girls under 3 years old. We recently found ourselves in a tough situation, however thanks to the amazing team at Ray White Maroochydore we were able to resolve things quickly.

I would like to personally thank the team at Ray White Maroochydore for their above and beyond service. Not only were they efficient and friendly to deal with but they went out of their way to assist me and my little baby girls with finding a new tenant to take over our property. Fantastic service girls, thank you!

J & M Edwards; Investors Denise, We would like to thank you and your rental team for the great service you have provided for us over the years that we have owned the property.

We have found your team to always be efficient and caring of our needs. The quality of tenants has been faultless and all maintenance issues handled promptly and efficiently. Once again, thank you for all your help over the years.

C Frank & B Wassermann; Tenant Lyndon, We wish to express how pleased we are with your inspections and maintenance of our rental property.  We have lived in rental properties under the responsibility of yourself and Ray White Maroochydore for almost 2 years. At both houses we have rented during this time, you were there with good advice and helpful information.
Lyndon, your sincere and proactive attitude towards property management has made our experience as tenants delightful and relaxing. Your genuine concern for our maintenance issues and condition of our rental property has given us confidence and security that the problem/s have been understood and will be actioned. Your easy going, caring attitude makes it very easy for us to ask questions or for tips about maintaining our rental property without feeling intimidated or dumbfounded.
Your regular inspections are something we look forward to, not only because of your friendliness but also due to your expediency and professionalism.

C Fuller; Tenant Thank you for the great service Heidi, greatly appreciated.

A & D Heideman; Tenant Dear Lyndon, just wish to thank you for your help and prompt response to any problems or enquiries we have had in regard to our rental property and inspections. Your help and forthright manner is appreciated.

D Radloff; Tenant Lyndon, Thank you for going the extra mile, you always explain things to me in a way I can understand. Your communication, including emails, between myself and third parties is always prompt and exceptional, always informing me of any action you have taken. Being most polite and respectful, you listen to everything I have to discuss with you. You make Routine Inspections a relaxed duty with your jovial sense of humour, always keeping in mind the high expectations in the best interest of the owner, the agents, and the tenants. It is always your aim to find solutions to any problem which may arise. I can understand this would be a difficult job for some, but you have what it takes to handle every situation successfully. You are truly an asset to Ray White Maroochydore. Thank you again for the help and kindness you have given me.

Susan Taylor; Tenant Thanks Lyndon for always being so prompt with your inspection and for your assistance and follow through on maintenance issues. You’re great, many thanks. Top job!

D. Joiner;Tenant I want to thank you so much for the service your staff always provide, but in particular for last weekend. Your office actually messaged us to offer help and what to do in any emergency, this was a fantastic thing to do. I was very impressed, you’re a very professional company.

H. Wright; Investor Denise, thank you for all your assistance during the time our apartment was with Ray White.  Your service was exceptional.

D Farmer; Tenant I just wanted to thank Lyndon Page for the excellent service he has provided at all of my quarterly inspections.  Whatever problems I have had, though they be minor and quite rare, have been attended to swiftly, as promised. Once again my thanks.

E Willson; Tenant Firstly I’d like to mention how much we have enjoyed living at this property, it is a gorgeous house in such a great location and we’ve only had positive experiences with yourself, the landlord and everyone at Ray White Maroochydore. So a BIG thanks from us all.

J Ellis; Tenant I spoke to Lyndon Page on the 22nd of January 2013 in regards to the rental property of 1/15 Arwen St, Maroochydore.  I found the information Lyndon provided me was very informative and helpful. This was not the only positive dealings I have had with Lyndon Page. Lyndon is an asset to Ray White.

A Ramsey; Tenant Could please thank the owners for renting me my first home, my daughter and I have enjoyed living there and will miss it. Thank you & your Ray White Maroochydore team,  its been a pleasure to rent through you.

B & R Weatherlake; Investor Heidi,  I want to say how wonderful your staff have been to us especially in the last few weeks which have been quite trying. We really can’t sing all of your praises enough.

C Halsey; Investor Dear Denise and all at Ray White Maroochydore Property Management, thank you so much for your excellent service over the years taking care of my property. You have been great and I really appreciate all you have done to keep it let, manage any repairs and ensure it is well cared for.

B Clarke; Tenant Hi, just a thank you for acting so quickly on my maintenance problem. All was fixed in 2 days, and at this time of the year, I can appreciate how busy you are. Once again, thanks and have a great Christmas.

K King; Investor Heidi, I would like to thank you and your team for all the great work you do managing property in Maroochydore. I have been a property investor for more than 20 years and you have provided the best service we have experienced. Nothing was too much trouble and you saw to it that any and all problems were sorted and solved quickly and effectively.

A Noakes; Investor I recently purchased a property in Maroochydore and was looking for a local property management team who could offer hassle free, all inclusive services at a price that didn’t break the budget. After personally meeting the team at the office to discuss options, I was immediately impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the friendly atmosphere. Within 1 week the property management team at Ray White Maroochydore had come through with the goods and the tenants moved in the next week, just 4 days after settlement. We are very happy with the outcome and would like to thank the staff at Maroochydore for their continued support.

S & H Norriss; Investor Wow, you are very efficient! I can say your service is outstanding, we have been extremely pleased with our whole Ray White Maroochydore experience right from the word go!

J Flaherty; Investor A big thank you to all of the lovely girls in the Ray White Maroochydore Property Management office, you have rented my property so quickly and I really appreciate your great work!

A Ballinger; Investor I have my property managed by the Ray White office in Maroochydore and find them to be of such a high, professional standard. They are always so nice and easy to deal with and I get things on time and always done well.

S & B Cliffe; Investor Thank you to the property management staff at Ray White for looking after my properties and the maintenance involved with them for all these years. You do a great job of what you do! I continue to look forward to working with you on the management of my properties.

N Martin; Investor Ray White Property Management staff, Thank you so much for the flowers, they are beautiful and such a nice thought! Certainly brightens up the kitchen and matches the décor!