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Sarah Olsen

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Meet Sarah, the vibrant sales and marketing consultant with an unwavering passion for the Sunshine Coast's breathtaking coastline. Her journey in the real estate industry spans over three decades, a legacy passed down from her father. Sarah's enthusiasm for real estate is nothing short of contagious, and her connection to this coastal paradise runs deep.

Having spent her entire life amidst the stunning landscapes of the Sunshine Coast, Sarah possesses an innate understanding of the region's intricacies, having seen it evolve and flourish. This lifelong connection has given her a unique perspective, allowing her to witness the remarkable growth and transformation that this area has undergone.

Sarah is renowned for her stellar customer service. She's not just an expert; she's a trusted agent who listens to your aspirations and works tirelessly to turn your real estate dreams into a tangible reality. Previously, Sarah worked as a Sales Associate and Personal Assistant to the principal of Ray White Metro North which provided her with invaluable industry experience. 

Her lively approach is infectious, and her professional know-how is second to none. She blends her intimate knowledge of the Sunshine Coast with customized strategies tailored to your needs. With her, it's not just about buying or selling property; it's about crafting a unique experience that ensures exceptional results, all delivered with a warm smile.