Introducing The Owners of The Ivy | Geoff & Marie Shires

By Dan Sowden

Here at Ray White Maroochydore; we are living and breathing The Ivy everyday! As sales continue to climb we are soon to hit that ‘tipping point’ where construction is sure to commence.

We know we are excited; but we also wanted to hear from our wonderful buyers, what exactly drew them to The Ivy? We would love to introduce Geoff & Marie Shires.

Geoff & Marie spent quite some time, two years in fact, searching for a suitable property for them to make the transition from an acreage home to a relaxed waterside residence. After careful consideration The Ivy appealed to them because Picnic Point has always been a favourite location of theirs. The modern design and appealing aspect also helped the to make the final decision, as they knew it would be the perfect fit for their plans to downsize without compromising.
Marie said, “We love the area at Maroochydore because of its Duporth precinct with its cycling and walking facilities. A vehicle will not be required at all times to move around the business and commercial aspect of daily routine. There is also well kept public places, between the esplanade and the waterfront which offer extra parking for visitors, without the hustling and bustling of Duporth Avenue and the CBD.”
Having looked for their new dream home for some time, Geoff and Marie were very clear on what they needed in a new property.  “The Ivy has important attributes not found in some of the other apartment blocks” said Marie.
“The car park is only 1 tier below ground level which should lessen the amount of water ingress as was most prevalent is some other complexes. We are aware, because of this design, storage has been compromised but this small detail is far outweighed by other attributes.”
“The square line of the interior of the units maximises floor space, as compared to other units that have curved feature walls. That also makes a wheelchair more accessible, if need-be.The lift services the units from public space and not integrated with the units as such, which we felt is far more secure!”
When the Shire’s are able to call the Ivy home they have a lot to look forward to, including the easy, casual and open outlook that The Ivy will offer and the social aspect of its central position.
Marie said “Dan Sowden from Ray White has shown utmost professionalism in his dealings with us as we were initially uncertain about purchase off the plan. Now we are just looking forward to hearing when the first sod has been turned!”
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